Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hillary Clinton: Anti-Islam Film is Reprehensible and Disgusting

In Morocco, people prayed outside US embassy

As I see it, Christian extremists, such as Michele Bachmann and her ilk, benefit from inciting Islamist extremists. How do they benefit? By furthering their agenda of smearing all Muslims.

War with Iran is also on their plate, and for some, bringing on the apocalypse, as ridiculous as that sounds, is part of the plan. At the very least, the Christian extremists who made this video are spreading hate. Bachmann is smirking somewhere. People like her have no place in our Congress.

The problem with conservatives, be they here or in Iran or Israel, is they have polarized thinking. They are unable to see complexities. They only see in black and white. After 9-11, Christian conservative minds concluded that all Muslims were bad. The twisted way they interpret Christianity and the religious extremists who lead them, such as Pat Robertson, also cause them to hate. They are no different than the radical Islamists. It's all a trick. Extremists try to bring more people into their wicked webs by pushing propaganda, making people think that acts of a few are the beliefs of the whole. Ultimately, people who hate and murder are not religious people at all.
Meanwhile, as usual, we all suffer at the hands of a relatively small number of extremists.