Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Biden Letting Romney Stew in His Juices

So far, neither Obama or Biden have responded to Romney's trashing of Americans. The White House press secretary, Jay Carney, has responded, as has the Obama campaign. You can see those responses here. David Letterman will likely ask Obama about Romney's belief that Americans are moochers. The show airs tonight.
OTTUMWA, IA -- Vice President Joe Biden, the man who is often the first to charge into the political fray on President Barack Obama's behalf, held his tongue Tuesday in regard to a controversy involving Mitt Romney. Asked by reporters to comment on the GOP presidential nominee's surreptitiously recorded comments referencing 47 percent of Americans do not "take personal responsibility" and feel "entitled" to government benefits, Biden said only that he'll let Romney's words "speak for themselves." NBC
In other Romney news, his $230,000 donor host, and sex party thrower, Marc Leder issued a statement.

New polls are showing Romney's lies about the attack on Benghazi didn't go over well with the American people, you know, we moochers.

Pompous Lyin Ryan is out there telling us we need to be more self sufficient.

Romney's comments were a cross between Scrooge and Marie Antoinette: