Friday, June 01, 2012

Obama Speaks at Honeywell in Minnesota June 1

Full video:

This live stream begins at 1:10 pm ET. Obama will likely talk about the jobs report, which is worse than people had hoped.
Buckle up because Breitbart-wannabe Romney and the media will serve up lots of talk of a new recession, with little context, and a lot of horrible scenarios in the coming weeks. The media lacks a general understanding of economics and globally, there are a lot of countries still fending off their own economic slowdowns, which were caused by the US housing bubble. China's economy -- important to the US -- has slowed and Spain is in line to go down as a country that should've chosen the stimulus route instead of austerity.
The global economy is going through an upheaval that few understand. Expect severely conservative Mitt to have a feeding frenzy.