Thursday, June 07, 2012

Liar Face Romney's Lies of the Day June 7

Romney says we're on the cusp of a government-run economy. And yet corporations are seeing record profits. Just for kicks, here's a bit from Ann Romney who still insists Mitt's funny and "misperceived."

In other Romney liar face news, Mitt's still pushing the Noam Scheiber lie. Another lie is that Obama has no jobs plan. Keeping track of Mitt's lies on a daily basis is difficult. He doesn't just exaggerate like normal politicians. He outright lies. All the time.
Here's a long list of Romney's lies. Romney's conflict of interest with Marriott (as in the hotel chain) donations. The Marriotts, by the way, are Mormon, just like Mitt. So maybe Ann Romney is right. Mitt is funny. Just not in a good way.