Friday, October 07, 2011

"Wal-Mart Moms" Not Giving Up On Obama

There's one reason I'll vote for Obama again in 2012 and it isn't the economy. It's foreign policy. I don't think people realize how much our economy is tied to international relations these days and frankly, a republican in charge would erase all of the progress Obama has made as far as bettering international relations and reaching out to the Muslim world. The current crop of republicans that have been presented as candidates are neanderthals when it comes to foreign policy. They're clueless about how to operate in the new world where economies are tied together and people are tied together.
But it's good to hear that the media's relentless narrative that Obama is done for may shift in the future:
Their views on the economy are relentlessly bleak, but America's so-called Walmart Moms — the much-coveted working-class female voters whose support can swing an election — do not blame President Barack Obama and have not given up on him. In voter focus groups conducted on Wednesday night in the political battleground states of Florida, New Hampshire and Iowa, the young mothers used words like disappointing, mediocre, wishy-washy and indifferent to describe Obama. But they also acknowledged Obama alone could not resolve persistent U.S. economic difficulties in the three years he has been in the job. Many gave the president credit for trying and said they would consider voting for him again in 2012. More at Reuters