Sunday, October 09, 2011

Meet the Press Oct. 9 Video

In a clip, Eric Cantor calls the Occupy Wall Street protesters "mobs." Funny that no republican called a tea party a mob and they are the ones that had all those hateful, disgusting signs. Cantor is despicable. In a clip, Herman Cain said if you don't have a job and you're not rich, blame yourself. That is so ignorant. Paul Ryan skirts the issue, saying it's everyone's right to protest the government. Government isn't exactly the target of Occupy Wall Street. Here's a hint, Wall Street. Government appears to be a minor target in the protests. Ryan says Obama is sowing class unrest. Really? I think people are tired of being exploited. They're tired of corporations being put ahead of people. That's all that republicans do. Republicans coddled and nurtured the tea party. Their hypocrisy is galling. Aaron Schock continues the republican cocky streak. I'm so sick of politicians. I'm convinced nothing, absolutely nothing, can be remedied through these people. We ARE on our own. Help your neighbor, save your money, get out of debt.

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