Sunday, October 02, 2011

GOP Candidate 'Insensitive' to Mexicans Points Finger at Other 'Insensitive' GOP Candidate

They're a sorry lot. The whole bunch of GOP candidates. The fact that this is the best the GOP has to offer is insulting. I can see why everyone is drooling over Chris Christie.
Hermain Cain who favors sending them all back (them would be Mexicans -- lets face it when anyone talks immigration, they don't mean the undocumented Irish) attacks Rick Perry who hunted at a camp with an "insensitive" name (Cain used the insensitive word). I would argue that ALL of the GOP candidates are racist because they're all conservative, both fiscally and socially. The definition of the social conservative is racist and intolerant or "insensitive" as Herman Cain would say. "Pulling the race card" surely will doom Cain with those white Floridians who voted for him in the straw poll.
Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain criticized the name of a hunting camp once leased by Gov. Rick Perry's family as "just plain insensitive" in an appearance on Fox News Sunday.

The name of the camp — "Niggerhead" — was first reported by the Washington Post on Saturday. The paper said the name was painted on a rock at the entrance of the property. MSNBC
Herman Cain wants to modernize Hail to the Chief. Chris Wallace asks if he's going to do that with hip hop. Cain says he wants to put some "gospel beats" into Hail to the Chief. We -- as a nation -- have gone out of our collective gourds. There are too many things wrong with this to name: