Monday, October 01, 2012

Obama Delivers Pizza to Campaign Workers in Henderson

POTUS pizza delivery service:
He didn’t look like the average pizza deliveryman.

Wearing tan slacks and a dress shirt — sleeves rolled up, of course — President Barack Obama sauntered into a Henderson field office for his campaign Monday afternoon, clutching six boxes of Settebello pizza.

It was a low-key entrance, much like the excursion itself. The president’s motorcade, in a change from the norm, stopped at traffic lights along the way and wound up mixing with regular traffic.

The commander-in-chief’s security detail arrived minutes before him, sweeping the office located in a nondescript plaza at the corner of Valle Verde Drive and Horizon Ridge Parkway. Obama entered at 2:06 p.m.

“My jaw dropped,” said 73-year-old Ellen Merill, a campaign volunteer. LV Sun
Obama will also be in Henderson tomorrow. He's prepping for Wednesday's debate. Obama's expected to venture out around Vegas tomorrow. Republicans are driving around a roving billboard outside Obama's hotel. Fools. More of Obama happenings in Nevada here.