Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Judge Halts Pennsylvania Voter Suppression Law

Meanwhile, as republicans try to suppress votes, they're working the other end, engaging in voter fraud. They'll do anything to prevent Obama from winning. What they ought to be doing is considering how lame and extreme the GOP has become. They should be working on revamping their party.
A Pennsylvania judge is putting a halt to the state's new voter identification law, ordering today that it not be enforced for the presidential election just five weeks away.

The ruling by Commonwealth Court Judge Robert Simpson could be appealed to the state's Supreme Court. Simpson's ruling says the law -- requiring each voter to show a valid state-issued photo ID at the polls -- would be fully implemented next year.

Simpson's ruling means Pennsylvania voters will be asked to show photo ID, but can still vote if they don't do so. The same policy was in effect during the state's primary earlier this year. USA Today