Saturday, August 11, 2012

Romney: Join Me in Welcoming the Next President of the US

Romney announced Paul Ryan (see his voting record) as the next President.

Picking Ryan (recent voting record) is about rallying the republicans, who aren't fond of Mitt. It's also about highlighting Ryan, for his eventual run for the presidency, because Romney doesn't stand a chance of winning in 2012. Love the dramatic music:

We're going to start hearing a lot about the libertarian philosophy of Ayn Rand. Ryan (at least his interpretation of Rand) is a devotee, though he rejects her atheism. Rand was known for being kooky in life and she was an ideologue.

Paul Ryan on Rand:

Rand on the Phil Donahue show (part 1):

Rand on the Phil Donahue show (part 3). She talks about MidEast oil and atheism (Carter was president during this time):

An intro of Ayn Rand's ideas from the Ayn Rand Center: