Saturday, January 07, 2012

What New Hampshire Voters Want in a Republican

Interesting look at regular voters. For me, Joshua Holmes, the Paulite, stands out. Ron Paul voters are cult like. They always say Ron Paul predicted the downturn and I always like to say, I predicted the downturn. Anyone who was paying attention could see it coming -- people buying houses they couldn't afford, using their homes like ATM machines, going deep into debt to keep up with the Joneses. The housing market crashes and people don't have any savings to get them through a layoff. On top of that, they're stuck with homes that aren't worth the price they paid. Just because someone sees it coming doesn't mean they have solutions. Joshua mentioned the "global war on terrorism," which was a Bushism. Obama has been winding down the wars. Where has he been? Ideological voters have the inability to take in new information. Ron Paul is just a creep and a wacko (and probably a bigot) who, based on a rigid ideology as opposed to any kind of reason, thinks government should be hands off everything. The more I've seen of Ron Paul, the more he seems like a nitwit. What disturbs me is we've come to accept the shallowness of the GOP bench. As Americans we should be appalled. These GOP candidates -- all of them -- are lacking. Greatly.