Sunday, January 08, 2012

Meet the Press GOP Debate Jan. 8 Video

If this debate is anything like last night's it's not worth watching, but here it is anyway. Okay, I couldn't resist. I had to watch. Mitt says he was happy that he once had an opponent that had to take out a second mortgage to run against him. He also says that if you're not rich, you shouldn't be in politics. That alone, that arrogance, that premise that you need to be rich to be in politics, should be enough for Americans to reject him. What a conceited, privileged arse. There are any number of people in America better suited to be president than he is. Only trouble is, they don't have the money to run. That's the problem with politics. I'm really tired of the GOP line that business isn't hiring because of government. That's just BS. Business hires when it needs to hire. End of story. Business is not going to hire when there is a recession because there is no demand for goods and services. That's why we had the stimulus. We've had 22 months of job growth, coming out of the worst recession ever, that verged on a global financial collapse, that began on Bush's watch. The worst of the job losses happened on Bush's watch. Things have only improved under Obama.
Biggest surprise was Sweater Vest's response that he would love his gay child. But what else would he say? That he wouldn't love his child?
Fact check on Mitt saying repealing ObamaCare would save $95 billion. NYT's fact check of various lies in last night's "debate.
Fact check of Mitt's lie that he created jobs.