Sunday, January 01, 2012

Home Photos of Obama Critics on the Left

Just thought I'd point out Obama's leading critics on the left are the elite 1%. The problem with these people isn't that they're criticizing Obama's policies (we've all got beefs with some of his policies), it's that they've dismissed Obama's entire presidency, as only someone in a position of wealth can afford to do. It doesn't make a practical difference to them if a republican becomes president. They've got enough wealth to float them through the bad times. They are disappointed, woe is them, that Obama hasn't carried out their agenda. In reality, they probably feel slighted, since they probably donated beaucoup bucks (tried to buy their agenda) to Obama's campaign in 2008. Again, only a person of privilege can have that kind of attitude.

Michael Moore's second home on Torch Lake
Glenn Greenwald's home in Rio
Matt Damon's home
Arianna Huffington