Monday, January 02, 2012

Cantor on 60 Minutes: Cooperate but Not Compromise

Via Crooks and Liars
Next to Mitt Romney, Eric Cantor is my least favorite republican. Watch the strained and dumb look on his face. Then he actually looks irritated at his press secretary. This video perfectly sums up Cantor:

Full 60 Minutes interview with Cantor and his family. They're very likable. His wife is pro-choice and supports gay marriage:

Eric Cantor on preventing radical Islam (note that conservatives don't tend to differentiate between Islam and radical islam):

When asked why most Jewish people are democrats, Cantor says the republican party "wasn't" good at welcoming immigrants. Hello. Isn't good. Republicans are not welcoming of immigrants or diversity. Much of the GOP is made up of white men. Many republicans are bigots.