Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Obama Raises More Than $30 Million March

update: make that more than $40 million. must've been all those "dinner with barack" donations. CNN: Barack Obama's campaign announced a March haul of more than $40 million, raised from more than 442,000 donors. There were more than 218,000 first-time donors, and the average contribution level was $96.

for march, obama's raised $30 something million and clinton, $20 something million. hurting clinton worse is her debt. who's the better manager?
time: Word of Obama's latest financial benchmark comes amid continued reports that the Clinton campaign is struggling with a persistent debt that at times has reached nearly $9 million, according to published reports and Democratic party officials. The size of Clinton's debt, in turn, has given rise to questions about whether she will have the cash to compete head-to-head with Obama in various primaries in the final eight weeks of the nomination campaign.

Sen. Clinton loaned herself $5 million earlier this year when her campaign stumbled, fund raising slowed and her cash on hand dwindled. There have been scattered reports in recent weeks that various campaign vendors have not been paid for work or services that have already been rendered, with some taking to the airwaves to complain.