Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Media Needs to Step Up

update: looks like everyone hated this debate. go to dailykos to find out who to call and where to protest.
if it's one thing i have learned from this election, it's that our media really needs to step up its game.

that debate was utterly dreadful. what a waste of obama's and clinton's time. ours too. it took one hour before the first policy question on the iraq war.

the media gets caught in the hype, in the political gamesmanship. for the past few days, people have been blathering on about elitism and bitterness and clinging as if it mattered. the media needs to be smart enough to know what's a fake controversy, and therefore should be ignored, and what's real and needs to be reported.

i'm hoping that most americans are rejecting all the distractions and voting on the things that matter, whether it be for obama or clinton. i'd like to think that it's only a minority of people who appreciate the gossipy coverage for the highest office in the nation and that the majority of us want to elevate the conversation.

the media needs to resist and be more intelligent. we'll still pay attention. we're ready for not just a change but a massive overhaul. just think we have to go through this again with mccain. ugh.