Wednesday, April 16, 2008

ESPN Nixed Obama Appearance

obama is a basketball fan at the very least and apparently was ready to appear on espn but espn nixed it. turns out espn president is a john mcain backer:
daily news: It's not the first time the sports network has canceled an appearance by the Democratic front-runner. According to a campaign source, a television interview set up with host Stu Scott was canceled by higher-ups as well.

As more and more Americans wake up about the Big Vote, sportswriters such as The News' Mike Lupica have successfully made their voices heard politically.

Griped one source, "They landed the hottest politician in 50 years, and they couldn't even see the interview through? This is insanity."

It's of interest that ESPN president George Bodenheimer has supported Republican Sen. John McCain's presidential bid with a donation of $1,000.