Thursday, October 04, 2012

Romney Put Big Bird on Notice

Mitt went after Big Bird, considered a liberal by republicans. Really. Meanwhile, this is what our leaders should be concerned about:
Our wealth has become so skewed that the top 1 percent possesses a greater collective worth than the entire bottom 90 percent, according to the Economic Policy Institute in Washington.

This inequality is a central challenge for the United States today and should be getting far more attention in this presidential campaign.NYT
Let's be clear, Romney doesn't care a teeny weeny bit about inequality — income or otherwise. Republicans believe the rich are rich because they work harder and are more deserving.
The cleverest tweet of the day combines two screw-ups: "If Big Bird is looking for a job, I heard there is a new opening for a social media director at Kitchen Aid."

If you didn't hear, KitchenAid made an idiotic tweet about Obama's late grandmother. 

If you need more laughs today. I think we all do. Check this out.
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Big Bird puts Romney on notice: