Thursday, October 04, 2012

Obama's Rally in Denver Oct. 4

In full:

Republicans are relishing their first taste of what it's like when their guy manages not to fall on his face. Congrats, Mitt! GOP policies are still as lame as they ever were. Elect Mitt. Elect the Koch Brothers. Business gets everything it wants. Screw the people. What fun we'll have!

If you want to know who the real Romney is, listen to John Sununu this morning, who's negating Mitt's attempt at appearing moderate. GOP has become a fringe party with no new ideas. Truth of the matter is trickle down doesn't work. It allowed Wall Street to profit hugely on the fall of the middle class. We need to address income inequality in this country. That doesn't mean everyone is paid equal, as republicans like to surmise, that means fairness within the tax code. Partial video for now:

We all know that the reason Mitt attacked Big Bird is because republicans think Sesame Street is for liberals. Yes, that's absurd. It's also weird. But that's the GOP: