Sunday, March 11, 2012

Meet the press March 11

This is the full broadcast.
Santorum is right about Romney. Mitt wanted the Massachusetts healthcare model to be a model for the nation.
Hoping against reality that Santorum wins the republican nomination, this nation needs to see the debate between Obama and Santorum. That way we'll all get a gander at the "modern" GOP. I say this knowing that Americans would never ever elect Santorum to be President, despite Santorum's belief that god is on his side.
I wish that one of these moderators would ask republicans about their environmental policy. Do they have one? Santorum believes that god put everything here for humans to use, and assuming that there is a supernatural being looking out for humans, what about the abuse of the planet to the point where we can no longer live here? Or do republicans believe that Jesus will return for them and so it doesn't matter? If that's the case, theology is becoming dangerous, getting in the way of reason.
Pollution already affects our health. Has anyone seen photos of the air pollution in China, where they wear masks? There's a plastic state the size of Texas in our ocean.
Imagine if there were no environmental regulations. So, regarding the environment, what is the republican policy? I'd really like to know.
Virginia Gov. McDonnell, the ultrasound in your private's guy, says the country needs a guy like Romney, who saved the Olympics. What Romney actually did was pick taxpayers' pockets.
During the roundtable, I was surprised to hear Peggy Noonan acknowledge the republicans' shameful "war on women." The way women are being spoken of today is as if we're someone's property.