Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Fox News Poll Shows Latinos Overwhelmingly Prefer Obama

I don't usually cite Fox News, but in this instance, when their own poll shows that Obama is favored, I figured why not? Why would Latinos (or anyone for that matter) favor the republican candidates when they support people such as Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who are outspoken against immigrants.
Arpaio also is a nutter butter. A week ago he accused the President of the United States of forging his birth certificate, after conferring with Santorum.
Romney supports Arpaio, who was Mitt's honorary chairman in Arizona in 2008. As Obama said yesterday, what used to be a bipartisan issue is now partisan, with republicans against immigration reform and appearing to be against anyone who isn't a white male.
Newt Gingrich is the only republican presidential candidate who has any sort of grasp of reality on immigration reform, but he's an undesirable.
What's funny, is the story that accompanies this video, in how hard the writer tried to write this as unfavorable to Obama, when it's the opposite. It's an example of how bias is done.