Monday, January 16, 2012

Newt Serves up Raw Meat at GOP Debate

The republican audience enjoyed the raw meat. When Newt says that Obama "put people on food stamps" and that Obama doesn't want people to work, that is racist. But republicans aren't capable of seeing that. They have a racist field of vision.
Fact is, yes, there are a lot of people on food stamps because we went through a recession that was almost a depression. Thank goodness people had access to food stamps. Since they were able to access food stamps they could use the money they would've spent on food to keep the lights on or pay other bills that needed to be paid. Fact is, we wouldn't have had a recession if it weren't for the 1% ripping off the middle class.
Rick Perry played the role of the idiot as usual. Apparently, he thinks Turkey is run by Islamic terrorists. I'll post video when it's available.