Thursday, January 12, 2012

Newt Disappoints Fox & Friends

Meanwhile, Mitt is being hammered by conservatives (especially Ron Paul supporters, the self-described enlightened ones) for speaking French! Mitt, who learned to speak French as a Mormon Missionary in France, is shown speaking French in Newt's scathing new movie. Speaking French would actually be an advantage as president, but France is probably a conservative's worst nightmare. Mitt's Mexican heritage would also be an advantage.
Instead of embracing those parts of himself, Mitt continues to appeal to the lowest common denominator and chooses to highlight his hollow business endeavors. Mitt is a conflicted guy. Maybe he knows who he is and has to hide it (it is the republican primary after all) or maybe he's unsure. Either way, he doesn't have the makings to be president. He may not be a career politician, but he is a career campaigner.
Here is Mitt speaking French: